Island hopping tour with kayaks on Baltic Sea

Jul 08, 7:00 AM – Jul 10, 8:00 PM

Three days exploring the magical isles of Hiiumaa- the greatest kayaking area in the Baltics. Short island hops means ample time for leisurely hikes through coastal meadows dotted with orchids and frequented by sea birds. Present day semi-natural landscapes share space with ancient forests, 17th Century Swedish villages, Viking remains and the abandoned Soviet Union military base. With a professional tour guide, you can relax at a private camping site on a private island with a panoramic view of the sea and seaside.

Duration of the tour is three days and two nights. We start the tour in the early morning on 8th of July and end in the evening on 10th of July 2019.

Tour starts and ends from the capital Tallinn.

Day 1, 8th of July

The tour will begin early in the morning, when we hit the road on a bus from Tallinn to Rohuküla harbor. From there we will catch the Heltermaa ferry landing on Hiiumaa’s east coast.


A quick onshore instruction and we will paddle out to Kaevatsi islet.

After a brief stop at Kaevatsi, we head for Hanikatsi. 
In the island’s north, we’ll step into a primeval „Rootsi” (Swedish) forest of tall oaks, flowering lime and aromatic juniper, connect to the Viking age, wander past a former fishing compound, pause at the gravesite of a Swedish king and stop at a very old tavern (in ruins, alas). There we’ll treat you to a traditional Estonian lunch and then do some more hiking around the island.

Next stop: Kõrgelaid, where we’ll camp overnight in tents on a private camping site (with a dry toilet). We’ll provide telescopes to take advantage the clear view of the islands’ major seal habitat. On our first evening we will also heat up a tentsauna to get some warmth in our bones. A campfire under the open sky will cap the day.

Day 2, 9th of July

We’ll head back North, paddling among the seals, then head for a brief stop on Hanikatsi to stretch our legs. 

Next, a lunch stop on Saarnaki, which, many will tell you, is the most beautiful island of all. After a walk along the islet’s hiking trail, enjoying the landscape with a fishing farm and a restored windmill, you can decide for yourselves. To take the most of this magical island this is where we will camp for our second night. 


Day 3, 10th of July

On our last day we will continue towards Vohilaid and Harilaid, where we can see the historic remains of Soviet Unions military base and also hear about the unusual history of the whole area. If in luck we might also meet some grey seals who enjoy playing around those exact isles the most. 

From there we will head back towards Hiiumaa, unpack our gear and catch an evening ferry to mainland. Our buss will get you back in Tallinn before late evening.  


This tour is for people who enjoy nature, camping and want to experience the atmosphere of our islands. You will be in a kayak with another person, so an open mind and willingness for team work is neccessary. Accommodation is arranged in provided shared tents, individual thin mattresses and sleeping bags. If you want to get out of the busy capital, loose track of time and be shown the magic of our isles then this is what you are looking for. 

The kayaking tour is suitable for all levels, but some physical capability is needed. The waters we paddle are well protected from waves, but the weather conditions may cause changes in the planned route or lenght of the tour.

Package price includes

Accommodation in tents with all sleeping gear provided.

2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners and some additional snacks.

Ferry between Rohuküla and Heltermaa.

Memorable pictures taken on the tour that are available for all participants.

All transportation during the tour.

Guided tour in English about the history, nature and fauna of the isles. 


lots of kayaking


sauna and swimming

ferry ride

Package price doesn't include

Additional snacks&drinks

Travel insurance

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